We have been distributing only brands whose quality we trust since 1992. We stand for products and knowledge that our customers also support. We do not just sell a product to our customers, with our service the customer knows that there is someone behind them with advice and assistance, where their salon is fully supported and rises to the next level.

True partners

The way we see it, a sale is done quickly, but building a relationship and being there for customers is something else.

The Veva Brands team is happy to help you day in and day out with questions or comments, together we look for solutions and help the salons to the next level with quality products.

Quality you can trust

At Veva Brands, we value quality.

The search for top quality hair extensions was taken very seriously. We tested a lot of hair from all over the world. We had the best hair qualities examined by a lab to make the ultimate decision.

The first 2 hair textures in our range are thick hair from East Asia under the name Hair Thoughts and soft hair with a slight waves coming from Slavic countries under the name of Hairextends .


Brands you can trust
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