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In the world of hair extensions, the choices are as diverse as the individuals who wear them. Today, we’re excited to share a customer’s journey with Hair Thoughts that not only transformed their look but also exemplifies the power of making the right choice for your hair. Join us as we explore how this client’s decision to opt for 75 brown and copper extensions created a stunning and vibrant outcome.

The Client’s Vision:

Our client had a vision: to infuse their natural brown hair with a rich copper hue and add length to their locks. They craved a look that was bold, eye-catching, and exuded confidence. This is where Hair Thoughts came into play, offering a range of options to bring their vision to life.

The Choice: 75 Extensions of Brown and Copper

After careful consideration and consultation with our skilled stylists, the client chose a combination of 75 brown and copper extensions. This choice allowed for a seamless blend of colors, creating depth and dimension in their hair. The combination not only added vibrant warmth but also delivered a captivating visual effect.

The Transformation:

With precision and expertise, our team meticulously installed the extensions to achieve the desired length and color balance. The result was nothing short of breathtaking. The client’s hair radiated with the rich, deep hues of brown and copper, and the added length enhanced their overall appearance.


This client’s journey with Hair Thoughts is a testament to how the right choice of hair extensions can elevate your style and boost your confidence. 

So, whether you’re seeking to transform your look or enhance your presence, Hair Thoughts is here to make it happen. Stay tuned for more stories, insights, and inspirations on our blog, and let’s embark on a beautiful journey together.

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